{s}Print into 2014 {Bible Reading Plan – Part 5}

Happy 30th Birthday to my Baby Girl!  Oy, this is making me old!

There are six parts/posts for this 2014 Bible Reading Schedule, complete with downloadable printables.  This is a trial run.  Please don’t hesitate to comment on what works and what doesn’t work for you.

DSCN8978 - Version 2

  • PART ONE {11.18.2013}      – Overview
  • PART TWO {11.25.2013}     – Chronological Narrative Books
  • PART THREE {12.2.2013}   – Proverbs
  • PART FOUR {12.9.2013}     – Psalms
  • PART FIVE {12.16.2013}     –  Letters
  • PART SIX  {12.23.2013}      –  JANUARY 2014 Bible Reading Schedule

There are twenty-one Letter books in the Bible, which will be read for two (or three) weeks, the whole book in one sitting.  In some cases the books are rather long.  You may wish to split them up rather than read all in one sitting.

I plan to read the Letter books on weekdays, five days a week.  This is the reading which I do first thing in the morning, as I prepare to go out the door to work.  I’ve already established this habit, and plan to continue.


Weeks One – Three                     James

Weeks Four – Six                       Galatians

Weeks Seven – Nine                    1 & 2 Thessalonians

Weeks Ten – Nineteen                   1 & 2 Corinthians

Weeks Twenty – Twenty-Seven         Romans

Weeks Twenty-Eight – Twenty-Nine    Colossians; Philemon

Weeks Thirty – Thirty-Two             Ephesians

Weeks Thirty-Three – Thirty-Four    Philippians

Weeks Thirty-Five – Thirty-Six       I Timothy

Weeks Thirty-Seven – Thirty-Eight  Titus

Weeks Thirty-Nine – Forty               1 Peter

Weeks Forty-One – Forty-Four          Hebrews

Weeks Forty-Five – Forty-Six             2 Timothy

Weeks Forty-Seven – Forty-Eight      2 Peter; Jude

Weeks Forty-Nine – Fifty                   1, 2, 3 John

The list is in two formats, one with and one without dates.   Here are the pdf files, suitable for printing.

2014 Bible Reading Schedule


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