On Writing {ten rules for blogging}

Hello, friends.  How are you today?

Remembering warmer days

Remembering warmer days

Today we are talking about writing, which we’ll call the ten rules for blogging.  These ideas are not original, but the post is written from my head and heart.

1.  Purpose – have a theme for what you are writing

When this blog began it was for putting words and thoughts together.  Nothing specific, rather general, boundary-less, nothing to hold me to a topic, you get the picture.  Just knew I needed to write and didn’t know what to write about.  Still struggle with that from time to time, as most writers do.

2.  Content – focus on the quality of your writing

Then there’s the discussion of whether or not blogging is writing.  My response to that is this:  some blogs are writing, and some are not; depends on the blog.  I tend to be on the fence.  Too much blog shopping to see what others do.  Too little reading.  Way too little writing.  It doesn’t feel like I’m writing most of the time.

3.  Trust your instincts {gut}

What I started out to say was this.  Always {although that’s a dangerous word to use} when I go back and read my post, later, after a period of time since I finished writing it, it resonates with me.  I like it.  It speaks to me.  I don’t know if it does with you, but it does with me.  Well, I know it does with some of you because you tell me so.

4.  Persevere with patience and trust the writing process

When I am writing a post I often lose my sense of direction, or second guess myself when it is finished.  I understand this is normal for a writer.  Part of writing is trusting the process.  Life is nothing but a series of experiences in which I need to trust someone, ultimately God, sometimes myself or someone else.  Human nature wants to see, not trust what cannot be seen.

5.  Use appropriate photos to emphasize or break up your writing

Whatever it is behind the words, or the photos, or the thoughts.  Whether it is emotion or absence of emotion, a sense of loss, deep pain, joy, contentment, or a challenge, it begs us to trust ourselves to feel something.  Sometimes it is something with which we are all too familiar.  Sometimes it is unfamiliar.  Either way, trust comes hard.

6.  Don’t be afraid of putting your emotions into your writing

When we learn to let go of our fears and step into the unknown, something resonates with us.  I think that is God’s work, not my own, for I have no understanding of where it originates or how it works or how to control it.  The blog writing which resonates with me is generally on this topic, that of trusting God, of reaching beyond oneself to things yet unseen, unknown, going through the valley of fear or pain, rather than shrinking away.

7.  Learn from your writing

This is not one subject, but many.  It appears in multitudes of venues, in varying stages of life, both young and old.  We learn these things from children, and we continue to learn them in the golden years.  Life principles, life lessons, the real stuff of life, that which has been discussed by philosophers for centuries, these are the things that real writing, in my opinion, is about.

8. Trust God to do His work His way

These things, in my opinion, have their source in God HImself.  That He allows us to understand and learn any of them is beyond comprehension.  But He does.  He desires us to know such things.  He desires us to understand what He Himself knows.  And He has graciously given us, or allowed us, communities such as these (virtual, blogging ones) in which we may share our commonalities and our goals.

9. Set attainable specific goals

I am writing this in November, while contemplating my goals for the coming year.  At this point I only know there will be changes.  Not huge ones.  Maybe.  I am waiting upon God to see what will happen in 2014.  I have ideas which I am pursuing.  I am obliged to wait for Him to open and close doors.  Isn’t it wonderful that He does not allow us to see beyond today?  Truly.

10. Be courteous to your readers.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts.  As always, I love to hear your comments.  Your opinions are an important part of the process.


2 thoughts on “On Writing {ten rules for blogging}

  1. Elaine says:

    i started my blog as a writer’s blog a few years ago, then when i started getting interested in quilting I thought it would be a good place to journal projects. I have been feeling that the writing is no longer the focus and it has shifted to a list instead of the original intent-focus is blurry. Thank you for the rumination.


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