{s}Print into 2014 {Bible Reading Plan – Part 4}

There will be six parts/posts for this 2014 Bible Reading Schedule, complete with downloadable printables.  This is a trial run.  Please don’t hesitate to comment on what works and what doesn’t work for you.  Thank you for testing it out.  You are brave!

DSCN8978 - Version 2

  • PART ONE {11.18.2013}      – Overview
  • PART TWO {11.25.2013}     – Chronological Narrative Books
  • PART THREE {12.2.2013}   – Proverbs
  • PART FOUR {12.9.2013}     – Psalms
  • PART FIVE {12.16.2013}     –  Letters
  • PART SIX  {12.23.2013}      –  JANUARY 2014 Bible Reading Schedule

Psalms  {for the NOT-SO-FAINT-OF-HEART≠Psalms 101} is divided into five books:

  • Book I           Psalms 1-41           41 Psalms in 14 weeks
  • Book II         Psalms 42-72        31 Psalms in 10 weeks
  • Book III       Psalms 73-89        17 Psalms  in 6 weeks
  • Book IV       Psalms 90-106      17 Psalms in 6 weeks
  • Book V         Psalms 107-150    44 Psalms in 16 weeks

Here is a breakdown by weeks:

  • Weeks  1-14     Book I
  • Weeks 15-24   Book II
  • Weeks 25-30  Book III
  • Weeks 31-36   Book IV
  • Weeks 37-52   Book V

Basically the plan is one Psalm every two days, six days a week.  Psalm 119 will take up one whole week.

Okay.  Here are the pdf files for the whole year.  Each Book of Psalms has a separate schedule, with each month printed separately below.  I’ll put the first one in the post, and the rest as links.  I hope this is not confusing.  I am not printing out the verses for this for myself, just the schedule to put into the Bible which I will be using to read Psalms.  Or maybe I’ll put a schedule up in the kitchen, in front of my face, as a reminder 🙂

This is a weekly schedule, not a daily one.  I will include the pdf file for the complete daily schedule for January in a later post.  {Hope I remember all of these things.}  It is also here, not in printable form though.

2014 Bible Reading Schedule


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