the five Sundays of Christmas {part one}

Since my Bible memorization this week is a review, I thought we’d look forward to the celebration of Christmas.  There are five weeks until my January Bible memorization starts, hence the five Sundays of Christmas.

Two years ago I began what I hope will be a tradition for years to come.  It is something which my mother and her brother and sister did years ago.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I attended the 2011 Messiah Sing Along in Kenosha, of which someone graciously made a number of videos which they posted to Youtube.  This one is of the Hallelujah Chorus.

This year’s sing along is scheduled for Sunday, December 22nd at 6 pm.  Hoping to be part of it!

Back to my family tradition…it was not a community sing along which they participated in, but a Phillips Academy performance done each year in Cochran Chapel in Andover, Massachusetts.  I have my mother’s score of the Messiah, which I use to sing along.  In it is the program from one of the long ago performances at Phillips Academy.  My aunt and uncle both sang in it that year.

My mother's score of the Messiah

My mother’s score of the Messiah

Handel's Messiah 2011 Sing-alongThe first time I sang the Messiah I was quite overwhelmed.  Not because it was unfamiliar to me.  I grew up hearing it on a recording and hearing my mother sing parts of it.

There was something about sitting in a large church sanctuary filled with singers and a live orchestra and having nothing else to focus on but the music.  The music is not simply the music.  The music is the words.  And the words of Handel’s Messiah are the Words of God, the Scriptures.

Reading at the top of each page the Scripture references hit me profoundly with the realization of what I had already known, that this is all God’s Word, ALL of it.  What a privilege and a thrill to participate in the singing of God’s Word.



7 thoughts on “the five Sundays of Christmas {part one}

  1. Being Woven says:

    How blessed I am that you came by Being Woven for I just listened to the “Hallelujah” Chorus and read your great First Sunday of Christmas post. I sang the whole “Messiah” while in college for two or three semesters. The college had “choir” class and fall semester we sang Handel’s “Messiah.” To read your words above made it all new for me and then listening to the Kenosha sing-a-long brought back memories, my voice began humming and then singing, and I have a smile on my face.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda


  2. Deb says:

    We try to find the Messiah concerts each year to attend. A college in the area always performed Messiah every other year. We loved the years that we went, but i think they stopped their performances. So we’ve been looking for a Lessons & Carols service. Those are my favorite even over hearing the Messiah.


    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      Not familiar with Lessons & Carols. I do prefer something that can be participated in over a performance. The Lutheran college does a nice Christmas concert every year. They have a fabulous pipe organ which I love, and the acoustics are wonderful. They do Silent Night as a sing-a-long with everyone holding lighted candles which is lovely. Thanks for stopping by!


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