Giving Thanks {Then and Now}

In the interest of Thanksgiving I thought we’d skip ahead a bit in my road trip to a place which brings back a Thanksgiving memory.  After the first of the year we will resume the chronological account of my trip.Image

By way of background, so as not to confuse you, I grew up in W.Lebanon/Lebanon, New Hampshire, which is right across the river from Vermont.  We went to church in White River Jct., Vermont.  When we moved there in 1963 the church was still in the village of Hartford, in this building.


This building housed the Bible Institute of New England (BINE) at the time, and Bible Baptist Church.


The dormers in the attic are where the pastor, his wife, and five children (age 7 and younger, one set of twins) lived. My mother brought them milk by the gallon, bread, and fabric scraps to make the children pajamas.


This is where we entered, and looks to still be used as the main entrance today. So very unchanged. Incredible!

And this church has what to do with Thanksgiving??!!  It is the memory of a Thanksgiving (perhaps more than one) spent with the people of this church in this building, the meal cooking, the children running all over this spacious building…oh, it was a grand time for an only child.

I remember the dishes, which belonged to the church, amber glass dishes.  I remember the kitchen having many entrances, a stairway (likely for servants), and not being modern or state-of-the-art.  I remember some sort of Thanksgiving play put on upstairs after the meal.

I imagine I did not want the day to end, did not want to go home, wanted always to have holiday celebrations as pleasing to my heart.  Perhaps there were glitches in the day, which I was ignorant of or have forgotten.   Do you have a memory of a favorite Thanksgiving from your childhood?

Back to the present.  It would be fitting to list things for which I am thankful.  I’ll need a number to limit the list, which could go on endlessly 🙂  I know you have other things to do today.  Ah, the next family birthday is on the 16th, how about the sixteen things for which I am most thankful today?

  1. My salvation and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ {Who died in payment for my sin and lives that I might live with Him eternally}.
  2. My family:  grandson, children, son-in-law, cousins, uncle, and mother.  Being loved by, and loving them.
  3. My freedom to live and worship and express myself as I choose.
  4. My Bible.
  5. God’s provision of my temporal needs, good health, a job, food, clothing, shelter, and a car.
  6. Strength, both physical and emotional, for the day.
  7. My sisters in Christ who encourage me along the way.
  8. My mother’s friends who continue to encourage me.
  9. The hard things which God has allowed me to go through.
  10. The things which God has wisely withheld from me.
  11. God’s mercy in not giving me what I deserve.
  12. God’s grace in giving me much more than I deserve.
  13. The beauty of the seasons, of the mountains, and lakes and ocean, and for sight and hearing to enjoy them.
  14. Humor, mine and others.  Laughter.
  15. For giving and receiving hugs.
  16. For the hope of tomorrow, be it here or in Heaven.

That was harder than I thought 🙂  How about you?  What are you especially thankful for?


I love to hear from readers! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. May you have a blessed day!

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