Greetings to Philippi

Hello there!  Did you notice my Sunday and Monday posts are on the wrong days?  I do know what day it is, but I wrote it on the wrong line in my notebook.  Both are in the Bible category…perhaps you did not notice.

Philippi (in Greek Φίλιπποι/ Philippoi) was a city in eastern Macedonia

Click on photo to read the photographer’s notes. This is Philippi.

 This is where I would post the verses I am memorizing for the week.  But there’s a problem.  I finished memorizing Philippians!  I can’t believe it.  This is the fourth year working on a book, and it’s the first one I’ve actually finished, and early at that.  Isn’t it amazing what God does?!

I’ll tell you this.  If you commit to do something for Him, He will always give you what you need to accomplish it.  Maybe not in your timetable, but He always is faithful to His Word.  He cannot go back on it.

This year He used another blogger to encourage me.  She posted every day for a month on Scripture memorization.  And Scripture Typer has been an amazing help.  You, my readers, have encouraged me as well.  I want to encourage you to try memorizing Scripture in 2014.  Your plan does not have to be ambitious, but you need a plan.

Today I worked on the verses for next year.  (Getting things done ahead since my kids are coming for Christmas this year.)  I will be memorizing the first five chapters of 2 Corinthians in 2014.  That might seem an awkward place to start.  I chose it because I love 2 Cor. 4:7 and that whole passage, so I’m quite excited about working on this.

Won’t start until January 5th.  I signed off on the last verses of Philippians on November 19th, and have been working on doing chapter four in halves.  Yesterday I started doing the whole chapter.  I’ve been working on chapters one, two, and three, along with chapter four.  It’s not easy, but I have managed to do it a few times each.

The neat thing is that the passages are making more sense to me.  It truly is a letter from this missionary to his brothers and sisters in Philippi.  And the writer is a real person, not a position.  Well, I’m getting wordy.  Suffice it to say that it’s making an impression on me.


Click on photo for photographer’s notes.

Next week I will review 1 John along with Philippians, if I can manage it.  It will be my first time typing 1 John.  The next five weeks will all be review.


I love to hear from readers! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. May you have a blessed day!

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