{s}Print into 2014 {Bible Reading Schedule – Part 2}

2014 Bible Reading Schedule

{If you’re looking for Part 1, it’s here.}

Voila!  Here is the printable version for the Chronological Narrative Bible Reading Schedule, one combined, and two separated into Old and New Testaments.  You will notice, if you’ve been around for awhile, that these are in downloadable PDF format, which I didn’t used to know how to do.  Thankful for this technology and its ease of use by the non-techie population.

I dare you {I’ve always wanted to say that to someone} to try this plan.  Go ahead, I dare you.  I dare you to take the time out of your busy life to spend in God’s Word.

This plan is to read all 40 Narrative books of the BIble in chronological order in one hundred and twenty-four days or 17.7 weeks, ending on May 2nd.  That’s roughly four months, so conceivably it could be repeated two times in a year.

Ambitious, you say?  Yes.  Trying to prove something?  Maybe.  Just that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above what we ask or think.  I for sure cannot do this in my own strength.  Neither can you.  I challenge you to try.  Not in your own strength.  I challenge you to try asking God to accomplish this is your life.

And if we don’t accomplish it?  We tried.  We will not fail.  Anything is better than nothing.  At the least you can read more than you did this year.  Or less, and learn more.

Truly the reason for this is to change up the schedule.  To create a new order, to make it fresh.

Next week will be printables for Psalms and Proverbs or the Letters or whatever I get done.

Here’s the original listing, by day number, minus the dates, in case you’d just like to meander.  Nothing wrong with meandering.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 5.05.59 PM

2014 Bible Reading Schedule


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