In Times Like These {your anchor holds}

In the aircraft carrier anchor room.

In the aircraft carrier anchor room.

While looking for video recordings of My Anchor Holds, by W.C. Martin and Daniel B. Towner (1902), I came across this recording of George Beverly Shea singing In Times Like These {Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock}.  Because Shea is a favorite of mine, I wanted to share this song as well, which was written by Ruth Caye Jones in 1944.  Interestingly she was born in 1902, when the song by Martin and Towner was written.

Now I can’t copy the lyrics, because the copyright was renewed in 1972, and assigned to Zondervan Music Publishers.  I did find this link which shows Mrs. Jones’ photo and a bit of history.  And, of course, we know that this was written during the height of WW2, having been penned in 1944.  And, according to George Bev Shea, she was in London at the time, hearing the chimes of Big Ben.

This lady, Carol Jones Saint, appears to be the daughter of Ruth Caye Jones, and is carrying on the radio ministry which her mother began.

As God would provide, this video came into my inbox today!  Isn’t God wonderful to us?  He truly is.  This is performed by the Blue Rock Mennonite Youth.  They do a lovely job.

The USS Nimitz (aircraft carrier)

The USS Nimitz (aircraft carrier)


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