{from} That Man of Granite {to the Treasure Isle}

I finally finished the biography of J.C. Ryle, and am continuing on in Treasure Island.  Jim is on the island now.  More on that later.  But for now I will share my Goodreads review of the biography, some of which quotes a previous post.  It is a good book.  I recommend it, not for the writing but for the character of the man and his God.

That Man Of Granite With The Heart Of A Child: Biography Of J.C. RyleThat Man Of Granite With The Heart Of A Child: Biography Of J.C. Ryle by Eric Russell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I own this book. I bought it because of the title. I had never heard of Ryle.
I wrote the following (on my blog) when I had read 100 pages:

Having read more than 100 pages now I am ready to share about the book. This will be more about the subject than the writing. Biography is always good, in my book. I do like the Genealogical tree being in the front of the book, especially to sort out the several John Ryles.

John Charles Ryle was born in 1816, the fourth of six children and elder son, and was baptised in Christ Church (Church of England) in Macclesfield. That being said, he was not converted to Christ until he left home for schooling. His family gave him a hard time for being of evangelical persuasion.

The more I read of the book, the more apt the title becomes. And how impressed I am with his unabashed stand to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while serving as clergy in the Church of England, with no holds barred, no concern for the consequences.

As a result, God blessed his ministries, and his life, although it was not without hardships. For me the book is an encouragement, an example of a fellowsoldier of Christ who walked by faith, accountable only to his Saviour.

The Bible was his sole authority. He paid the greatest heed to those in his parish, caring for them. And in his spare time, while raising a family, he wrote and published and distributed the Gospel in written form.

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2 thoughts on “{from} That Man of Granite {to the Treasure Isle}

  1. Magnolia Tea says:

    I’d never heard of J.C. Ryle before reading this post. It sounds like he had an interesting life.
    The wind is blowing from the northeast and temperatures are dropping quickly today. They are saying we could get snow, but I don’t believe them. lol Send us some of your snow, Joyce, please.


  2. Deb says:

    Yes, I’ve heard this man’s name but don’t really know anything about him…except what i’ve read in your post. Thank you for introducing us to him.


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