Digging for Treasure {Island, that is}

I don’t know who I can blame for the fact that I haven’t finished a book in who knows how long.  It’s highly irregular, that’s all I can say!


Part of the reason is that I haven’t really ‘gotten into’ either of the books I’m reading.  And part is because I’m spending all my time on my laptop, to be quite honest.  It made more sense to develop the writing habit, since reading comes so easily.  I don’t think I’ve lost the reading ‘bug’, if that’s even possible.

The biography on J.C. Ryle is not as interesting as the first half was.  Basically it’s not about the person so much as it is the goings on in the Church of England.  Which doesn’t interest me.  Rather dry.  I doubt I’ll have anything more to say about the book, though I still have upwards of forty pages to read.

I used to read (previous school years) during my day, in between bus routes.  But this year that is impossible, as the routes are basically back to back.  I’ve been trying to do something about that, but God hasn’t worked it out just yet.  I made a change in the morning ones, which will help a little bit.  It cut twenty miles out of my morning routes.  Down to forty-seven from sixty-seven.  That should help.

Jim is just going to sea in Treasure Island, so the book with either get very interesting, or it will lose my interest.  It is definitely a boy’s story, though I must admit sometimes I prefer boy’s stories to girl’s.

So I thought I’d just post this to let you know that I’m spending the time I would be writing a review, reading 🙂

What new books are you reading?  Please feel free to share your favorites with us.  My nose will be in my book!

DSCN4011 - Version 3


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