So, Here’s the Plan {2014 Bible Reading Schedule}

Last week I snuck this into a post on Planning, which was also about county fairs and roller coaster rides.  Today I thought we’d focus on it.

2014 Bible Reading Schedule


  • Every Day:  Chronological Narrative book (there are 40)
  • Weekdays:  Letters, whole book for 2 or more weeks (there are 21)
  • Six Days:  Psalms, one chapter every two days
  • Six Days:  Proverbs, brief passage or verse daily

This is what I wrote last week:

There have been some changes in my thinking, as you may have noted.  This is much more than I had planned.  It is rather ambitious.  That’s why I say I am watching God work.  I didn’t think it was possible for me to work this out, but it appears that it is done.  The books of Job, Song of Solomon, and Ecclesiastes are not included.

Proverbs is divided in sections.  More on that later.  The entire book will take almost three years.  I used Bible Gateway to download the book and divide it into sections where the verses did not stand alone.

The best thing about this is that I’m excited about it!  I don’t usually get excited about Bible reading.  Perhaps this change is long overdue.  I will be posting more about the schedule in the next month.

For example, WEEK ONE looks like this:

  • Every Day:  Genesis – Numbers  (divided, see below)
  • Weekdays:  James – whole book every day, weekdays for three weeks
  • Six Days:  Psalms 1-3  (two days per Psalm)
  • Six Days:  Proverbs 1:1-6

Chronological Narrative by Day:

  • Day One: Genesis 1-25
  • Day Two:  Genesis 26-50
  • Day Three:  Exodus 1-20
  • Day Four:  Exodus 21-40
  • Day Five:  Leviticus 1-27
  • Day Six:  Numbers 1-18
  • Day Seven:  Numbers 19-36


All I can say is, I don’t know how it will work.  It will require reading more than twice a day, which is ambitious, at best.  It’s a plan with a high bar.  It will require sacrifice.  That’s all I’m going to say about it today.

What is your plan for 2014?  Will you be raising the bar?

2014 Bible Reading Schedule


2 thoughts on “So, Here’s the Plan {2014 Bible Reading Schedule}

  1. koralee says:

    It will work….you are making time for our Heavenly Father…He will make it work and you will have time to spare. It is amazing how these things work out. I am inspired by you!


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