Going Out On a Limb {Trusting God}

{photos taken in 2010 on my first trip to San Diego, of trees in the Botanical Garden}

Flying by the seat of your pants might be a better way to put it.  For the past two weeks my body has been battling with whatever is causing this massive congestion.  I only say this to put things in perspective.  What might have been an ordinary two weeks, has been a very difficult time, owing to the fact that my body is working overtime trying to keep up.

You know what I mean.  We might as well be trying to swim upstream with our hands tied behind our backs!  Things only appear to be getting worse, instead of better.  And then one begins to question the ‘sanity’ of God in all of this.

But we know that God does not work in the way we anticipate.  He does not usually remove the circumstance.  He wants us to trust Him to bring us through it.  He wants to receive the glory in every aspect of life, no matter how common or ordinary.


And so I asked Him yesterday how He could possibly get the glory in my trusting Him in my own heart, when no one else can see.  It is not for me to understand.  Only to trust.  He did not remove the circumstance.  He is in it with me.  He knows what is best.  He loves me more than I can know.  He will use whatever He allows to happen for His own glory in ways that are beyond my understanding.


So often while I am driving the bus I see things I would love to capture with the camera lens.  This week I saw a series of shots, in front yards and farm yards and fields, which depict our way of life.  It is important to focus on who we are, particularly in times of uncertainty on a higher than local level, which tends to dribble down to where we are.

Following current events can blur our sense of ourselves as a people, both as a country and as believers in Almighty God.  Focusing on that which is central to our being, such as God’s Word, God’s creation, people, and the creative expressions of people, is particularly important in such times.


At one point during this week, after I had been yelled at and sworn at by a bus parent, I kept thinking about Jesus’ suffering during His mock trial and persecution.  I can’t say that it made me feel any better about getting yelled at, but it did put things into perspective.  It didn’t minimize how I felt, but it made me think about how Jesus felt.  If I had felt better physically this might not have had such an impact on me, and I might have missed the spiritual lesson.


I also have been thinking about how we girls have learned to be strong in our culture.  How self-reliant and independent our spirits have become, much to our spiritual loss.  Historically I have believed that God wants me to do as much as I am able and then turn to Him for help.  Today I am not so sure.

Wouldn’t it be more childlike of our faith to come to Him first?  To come helplessly and hopelessly to Almighty God for wisdom and strength and provision in our need?  Do we bring all of these cares upon ourselves by our ability to care for ourselves without asking for help?


I read somewhere that God wants us to come to the place of overwhelmedness.  That only when we are in that place is He able to do His work in us.  Human nature tells us that is we come to that point of being overwhelmed something terrible is going to happen.  The bottom is going to fall out, or the top is going to crash down upon us and we will be forever immobilized.  That thinking is not from God.

God wants us to come to the end of ourselves.  He is waiting for us to come to Him.  Sometimes He allows very difficult situations in our lives in order to bring us to the end of ourselves.  And when we do come to the end, and ask for HIs help, there is no magic solution to bring us to the top, back to perfect circumstances.  We continue to muddle through whatever He has allowed.


Muddling is not a sign that God is not in it.  Muddling is a circumstance.  Prosperity is not a sign that God is in it.  Prosperity is a circumstance.  My faith is an evidence of the grace of God.  My praise of God in the midst of muddling brings glory to His Name.  My affirmation that God loves me in spite of my circumstances glorifies God.

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!  He gave His Son to die on the cross for my sin, that I might know Him.  Praise His Name!  All glory, laud, and honor to the Name of the ALMIGHTY GOD!


6 thoughts on “Going Out On a Limb {Trusting God}

  1. Deb says:

    Joyce, I enjoy your writings and am so very glad that you started blogging and that I found you. I echo your last paragraph…to God be the glory!


  2. leaonmary says:

    I too loved reading here and your photos are so beautiful too. In one part you wrote: “It is not for me to understand. Only to trust.” — It made me think of a treasured sisterchick of mine who used to be in a bible study with me. She was very wise and I always loved her thoughts!!! On more than one occasion when I didn’t do something God asked me to coz I didn’t understand it… she’d encourage me to be obedient and that I may never know His whys… and in her words: … “that’s God’s business.” (grin)
    Thank you for this reminder to TRUST tonight!! Lea


  3. Barbara H. says:

    This is a great post. It’s so true that we need to come to God first in childlike faith instead of using Him as a last resort.

    I’ve wrestled a little bit, too, with what you said here: ‘how He could possibly get the glory in my trusting Him in my own heart, when no one else can see.” One thought that just came to mind is that the lessons of faith and trust we learn inwardly will manifest themselves in other circumstances where others might see, or some time in the future we might be able to encourage someone else with something we have gone through. And Ephesians 3:9-11 says that even the principalities and powers in heaven learn something about God by seeing His dealings with us.

    I so agree, too, about God wanting us to come to the end of ourselves. When I first came to trust Him was a time when everything else I had ever trusted in or leaned on had been taken away in some form, and I found Him trustworthy and able to do what no one else could do.


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