A Fitting Remembrance

May I throw my two cents in as I remember 9/11?  I was disappointed with the radio news this morning, with their neglect to mention the memory of those who died for our country on that horrific day.  I did see a few flags at half staff in front of public safety buildings and the village hall.

National Cemetery, Bourne, MA

National Cemetery, Bourne, MA

On the morning of September 11, 2001 I had taken my car to the dealer for a repair under warranty.  I was living in upper Wisconsin, near the UP of Michigan.  The dealership was in Iron Mountain, MI.  As I stood at the service desk I heard someone talking about the Twin Towers being hit.  When I went into the waiting area it was on the TV.  I think I saw the replay very shortly after it happened.

Being from Massachusetts, in fact having moved from there just a few weeks prior, I took an interest in the victims and where they were from.  I learned that a number of the young women on one of the flights, bound for California, worked for TJX (TJMaxx).  I learned a number of names and was able to send a note to the family of Tara Creamer, who worked for TJMaxx and died in Flight #11.  Tara was from Worcester, MA, wife to John, mother to their two small children.

On my Twitter page tonight there were two retweets by Midge Frazel, who lives in Massachusetts.  One is by Russ Worthington, about the memorial in Pennsylvania, honoring the memory of those who died in Flight #93, of which Todd Beamer was one (I recommend Lisa Beamer’s book, Let’s Roll).  Thank you, Russ, for the post, for those of us who have not visited the memorial.

The second tweet was by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino, who lives in Methuen, MA, which is next door to where we are from.  Her post lists the victims of Flights #11 and 175, which crashed into the Twin Towers.

Thank you Lucie for your fine contribution to the memory of 9/11.  Lucie’s blog, Lucie’s Legacy, is found here: http://lucieslegacy.blogspot.com, and her twitter account is here:  https://twitter.com/LeBlancLucieMC.

And in all fairness, here is Midge Frazel’s blog address, and Midge’s Twitter account or even easier to use, is her about.me page.  Thank you Midge for sharing two very fine tweets.

I then searched using Tara Creamer, and found this article in the Westfield Native, which includes a video interview of Tara’s father on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Very nicely ties up my remembrance of the day.

A simple, fitting remembrance.


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