Reading the Word

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The Word being the Word of God, the Bible.  For the past thirteen years, since 2000, I have been more or less reading the Bible through once a year, with a printed schedule.  Sometimes I have only read the Old Testament, and sometimes only the New Testament and Psalms, but I have read faithfully.

That is said not to boast, but to say this.  It came to me, or maybe I listened and heard, last night as I read three of Solomon’s Proverbs, that there might be a more meaningful way to read the Bible through.  There might be a way that is uniquely meaningful to me.  I might not need to follow ‘The Plan’ in order to please God 🙂

That is where I am going….how I will arrive remains to be seen.  This is what I wrote down last night:

I’m reading Proverbs.  I’m not getting much out of reading three chapters at a time because each verse is quite rich.  How about taking one proverb, one verse, in the morning of each day for the whole day?  Write it, memorize it, LIVE IT, meditate on it, put it in front of my face.

Every day for however many years it takes, one proverb (one verse) a day.  What do you think?  Has it been done?  And then there are other books that….well, we’ll leave that for another post.

As I research this topic I will share with you any resources I find online.  Please remember that this is research, not a site which I have used and agree with doctrinally. Please let me know if you ever see a link on my blog that seems unusual to you.

The first resource I found, when I used the search terms ‘devotional reading in proverbs’ is called Bible  The site is confusing to me.  It doesn’t show the Bible Reading Plan, just the passage for the day.  The ‘fast-food version’.

Next I found a Peter Kennedy who has devotionals on some of the Proverbs on his website,  I don’t know who he is or to whom he is connected.

Daily Bible Online has a daily selection taken from each chapter of Proverbs.  Not what I’m looking for, but their Bible Tools section is quite impressive.  And their Twitter account posts a verse every day.  They are non-denominational.

I suppose I should be looking for an app.  I still don’t think in techie 🙂  And I don’t have a SmartPhone.  I’ll stick with my ‘old-fashioned’ online search.

Ann Kroeker is a writer with a post discussing the daily reading of the Psalms and Proverbs.  I found her thoughts interesting, as well as a few of the comments.  I’m not sure what the psalter is.  Need to look that up next.

The Psalter is the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, which divides the reading of the Psalms into morning and evening portions.  You read through the Psalms in a month.  For the Proverbs, Ann Kroeker suggests reading one per day.

Okay.  Short rabbit trail here.  I found some guys who write devotionals together, and I checked out their individual blogs.  One of them writes for a ministry, and this post caught my attention.  It’s the beginning of a series which I’d like to read.  Please pardon the slight interruption 🙂  Oh, by the way, his name is Jordan Loftis.

Now, back to the devotionals.  It’s called Daily Devotionals at, and these are the random ones on Psalms and Proverbs.  They look good to me though.  Might be a good reference.  Not sure what their doctrine is though.

If you read the ESV Bible this site looks good.  This appears to be an online app.  This is where Proverbs is.  It looks like you can adjust it to your own pace.

Bible Gateway has various Bible reading plans, including the Book of Common Prayer for Psalms, but none just for Proverbs. has three options for reading Psalms and Proverbs in a month.  It is powered by

In summary, here’s what I found:

Ann Kroeker and another post here on Bible reading

So, that is enough research.  Stopped on page three of the search results.  If  you have anything to add to my search, or any comments, I’d love to hear from you.  Meanwhile, I will be working on my own schedule for the Proverbs, hopefully in time for 2014.

And, I encourage you to read the Bible every day, not necessarily on a schedule.  Just read it.  It is God’s Word to you, my Friend.

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5 thoughts on “Reading the Word

  1. Deb says:

    Great encouragement to read the word of God! i agree with you on taking a verse or two at a time instead of being overwhelmed with 3 chapters just to get it read! I find that I gain more when I take time to meditate rather than speed reading. Good post.


  2. Kay says:

    Wonderful way to read God’s word , a few verses or passages at a time. I personally find a printed schedule becomes very demanding sometimes to get it done instead of the joy of reading and listening . I have used blue letter bible
    site and find it helpful, also. Great post you have


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