New, new, new

‘Tis a new month, a new school year in a couple of days, and I found a new blogger I think I might just like.  New, new, new!

I wasn’t looking for more blogs to follow.  I recently started following author Deborah Raney on Twitter.  Today she retweeted a tweet which led me to this blog.  When I looked at the author’s profile page, I found this blog among those she follows.  Are you still with me?   I know, I was confused too.

So this last blogger, Debbie, is the new one, the one I am interested in following, and am intent on sharing with you.  She has more than one blog, but I’ll let you figure that out when you look at her profile page.  She is a Christian, and she does book reviews for a living.  But her blog is not full of ads or money-making schemes.  Rather it is a reader-friendly place where we might find information about new books and old, and where we are welcome to share our opinions.  And she is not paying me to recommend her 🙂

These are Debbie’s book review blogs:

Genre Reviews: in search of well-written, clean novels

Different TIme, Different Place: exploring history and other cultures

Christ Focus Book Club

Now to get back to the twitter tweet which brought us here.  Author Deborah Raney was thanking this blogger, Donna,  for her lovely post about her blog which focuses on many authors and their gardens.  It is indeed a beautiful blog, which I think you might enjoy, if nothing else for the lovely garden photos.  It is called The Plot Thickens.

Enjoy your new things!  {Hang on a sec —-  Just let me post a few pictures of other people’s gardens}







I love to hear from readers! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. May you have a blessed day!

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