My Top Christian Fiction Authors

I’ve been obsessed with working on my lists before school starts.  Oh dear!  Let’s get this out of the way quickly, shall we?


After researching the internet for lists of writers of Christian fiction, particularly Christian Biblical fiction and Christian historical fiction, I have formed my opinion(s).  While I have not read all of their writings, I believe I have read a fair sampling of the authors which interest me.

That being said, I went to my GoodReads page and looked at my ratings of the authors on my favorites list here on this blog.  Note:  A. Voskamp and L.Crabb are not authors of fiction.  And I’m not sure if Jane Kirkpatrick’s work is considered Christian fiction.

The ratings are five stars (one to five), which I tabulated and averaged for each of the nine authors.  Here are my results:

#1  George MacDonald  4.4

#2  Jeanette Windle       4.2

#3  Francine Rivers        3.57

#4  Jane Kirkpatrick, Maureen Lang, Ann Tatlock   3.5

#5  Lynn Austin, Stephanie Grace Whitson      3.2

#6  Jack Cavanaugh      3.0

I have to say that the results were surprising.  I would have put them in different order, speaking generally of the authors themselves.  Interesting.

So now I’m wondering, who are your favorite authors?  Care to share?  

Have you an opinion on the ones in my list?  Favorite books by them?  I find I rarely like every book by an author.  Usually one or two are not to my liking, either in style or story.  

There, that’s over with until the next time.  And I think I know the reason for this hunt.  All of the fiction I have read in 2013 has been disappointing.  Hence the list of my favorite authors, and the determination to read only my favorite Christian fiction authors from now on.  You can hold me to that if you notice otherwise 🙂  Maybe I need a reading accountability partner!

On the other hand, I have read many works of non-fiction this year which have been both enlightening and enjoyable (not necessarily in the same book).  It was interesting when I added them to GoodReads, to find that I had read (total, since I started using GoodReads) one more work of fiction than non-fiction!  Balance without a plan.

Enough babbling.  I have a list of books by my favorites (and I will be updating my list next year), and I plan to stick to it.  I’ll let the non-fiction take me where it will.  Happy reading!



I love to hear from readers! Thank you so much for taking time to comment. May you have a blessed day!

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