Staying Alive by God’s Grace


A friend of mine and one of her daughters are participating in the Paddlepower event this weekend.  It is their first time.  This event is a fundraiser and awareness raiser for suicide prevention.  Check out the video.  It’s not so short, but oh so good.


(Incidentally, this event takes place on the Connecticut River in the area of NH and VT where I was just visiting, where I grew up.)

This is my friend’s first time participating in the event.  It has been, oh maybe six or seven years since her family lost a member to suicide.  It is not easy.  But she is going with this objective:   “we hope we have opportunity to share how trusting Jesus can help to heal the heart.  We’re hoping to shine for Him.”


Won’t you keep these dear ones in prayer this weekend?  And the many whose lives are interrupted over and over again by the reminder of their loss.

I realized after watching the video that I have three friends who have experienced family loss by suicide.  One sister lost her adult brother, one mother and children lost their husband and father, and parents who lost their adult daughter, and their children who lost their sister.


It is only by God’s Grace that we are alive.  It is by His Sovereignty that we are the ones left behind to cope with this sense of loss.  And it is by God’s Grace and Love that we can encourage others to trust Him too.  He will never let us down.



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