Off to a Good Start

Bought my breakfast (sandwich) at #6 Circles, on Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  Another wonderful independent business, good fresh food.

Breakfast:  ham, egg, and cheese on a pumpernickel bagel

Historic sign on the Public Square seen from bench where I ate.

Circles’ menu, vintage signs in shop

Sign with my maiden name, Moore, to keep me focused on my trip 🙂

Lady cooking my breakfast 🙂  She asked if I am a photographer… I told the truth and where I am from.  Maybe never had a customer from Wisconsin before… at least not one going to New Hampshire 🙂  Now I’m off to a good start.

Pics loaded in reverse order.  Last one is the view from my room in the morning light.  Until later…






2 thoughts on “Off to a Good Start

  1. joanne says:

    Dearest Joyce – you messages and pics have been received but so often, my computer freezes on me when I get ready to reply. Hope you get this one, though, and I will continue to do my best answering from my end. Hope you have heard about Pastor Jim who had emergency surgery for heart and lung issues and is now recovering at St. Lukes in Milwaukee. Keep him and Kathy in your prayers as he is not out of the woods yet. We miss you on Sunday’s but many ladies have been gone vacationing,etc. Love you, o


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