Trip Plan

Scan 92

This picture is in Colebrook, New Hampshire, 1966.  I am not going as far north as this, but I plan on seeing some mountains just the same 🙂

So the trip is basically planned.  Leaving home July 1st (or June 30th).  Spending the first two weeks with family, the next week in New Hampshire, and the last week in Massachusetts with my “ocean friend”.  Then the trip home again.

I finally figured out that this probably is at least three trips all rolled into one, thus a bit overwhelming to plan.  Breaking it down helped.  Right now I’m working on getting accommodations for the nights I’m not with friends or family.  I am taking my tent and camping gear, hoping to spend a few nights in a campground.

Again last night we had more heavy rain, exuberant thunder and lightning.  Last year we were having a drought.  I have never had a vacation without rain, never.  the success of my trip does not depend on the weather.  It depends upon my ability to accept the Grace of God in all circumstances.

In lieu of ‘eloquence’ I will share my trip plan, subject to tweaking.  As always, thanks for praying.

7/1  (or 6/30)    Leave home on July 1st.

7/2                   Arrive at Megan’s July 2nd.  Visit both daughters, son-in-law, grandson 🙂

7/15 (or 7/14)  Leave Megan’s on the 14th or 15th (Sunday is probably better traffic-wise).

Stay overnight at Taconic State Park in Copake Falls, NY Sun. or Mon. July 14 or 15 or both.

7/16 (or 7/15)    Arrive in Troy, NH on Mon. or Tues. July 15 or 16.

Spend 2 nights with Rogers in Troy.

Leave July 17 or 18, Wed. or Thurs.

Rest of trip:

7/18      Camp Good News, Charlestown, NH, Claremont, NH

7/18      Mount Sunapee State Park – gondola ride

7/18      Mount Kearsage, Rollins State Park, Warner, NH

7/19      W.Leb/Leb/Hartford/Hanover/Quechee Gorge/Plainfield  ***This is where I grew up!

7/21       Mount Cardigan

7/22       Newfound Lake, Wellington State Park, Bristol, NH

NH beaches

That is the end of the childhood places.

7/23 – 28?  Ipswich, MA (stay with my ocean friend, Sandy)

Family history:

7/28      Cemeteries and paternal family home, Roxbury, Norfolk, and Bourne, MA

Denison Museum, Mystic, CT

8/1        Home again!


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