The Daughter’s Walk

The Daughter's WalkThe Daughter’s Walk by Jane Kirkpatrick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Borrowed from public library. Historical fiction about Norwegian American Helga Estby and her daughter, Clara, who walked from Spokane, WA to New York City in 1896, in an effort to earn $10,000 and save the family farm. Clara was estranged from her family for decades because she and her mother were not allowed to mention the walk, or write about it.

It’s a good book, but…I didn’t identify with the characters or the plot or the setting. There is a minimal thread of nominal, impersonal faith, which disturbs me. I prefer a more personal central faith, at least in one character. I think it was there, but it was pretty vague.

The book is clean, has good flow, although some details were questionable as to constancy. She’s not my favorite author.

The best part was the mother-daughter relationship that grew out of ‘the walk’; but because they were not allowed to build on that, or even acknowledge that time in their lives, it was debilitating and took away much more than it gave. Our hope should be in God and in things of eternity. This book was about life, rather without hope.

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