New Theme

Update:  In case you’re wondering why this post remains, long after the theme and the tulips are gone, it is because of the comment below, which is too precious to delete.

While the tulips are gone from the original, here are the photos from which they came:

cropped-img_24841.jpg Still Learning img_2484.jpg

Thinking maybe what I didn’t like about the look of this blog was more about the theme, I hunted for a new one which would give me the organized look and still let me use my own photos.

One thing I decided that I didn’t like about Pilcrow was the blue. Since everything is about color (that’s how all decisions are made, aren’t they?), I decided to go with red instead. It was between that and totally pink, which wouldn’t work with the tulips.

And I realize the tulips have nothing to do with the theme… Someday, when I have lots of free time to be creative, I will set up a site using the AutoFocus theme for my photography. Someday…

But for now we’re stuck with tulips on a writing site. They aren’t as clear as they were on Pilcrow, but they’ll do. By the way, it’s raining. A winter weather advisory, and it’s raining. Odd winter!

Enjoy the new theme!


One thought on “New Theme

  1. thefisherlady says:

    The tulips always bring to mind, my dad, who would have been a whole hundred years old if he had been with us past his almost 71… he always had tulips gracing his yard each spring. Your new tulip theme, therfore, is lovely! And with the rain (we have a foot off fresh snow again last night… and robins), come the flowers 🙂
    cheers dear friend


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