Getting Wet

In this winter of no snow, 2011-2012, when the geese winter in the north country, flying in endless circles looking for open water (there’s always Lake Michigan as a last resort)…

And the daffodils are poking their way through the soil in February…

Oh yes, this is about the blog… I have worked here, almost wishing I had started from scratch so I would know when I was finished. Thinking it will take another week to tie up loose ends. Perhaps then I will have something worthwhile to share.

Meanwhile I finished reading The Puritans, by Jack Cavanaugh (I think I misspelled his name last time I wrote it). I really didn’t like the book except the part when they traveled to the New World and landed in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Some of my ancestors arrived from England in the same time period, which made that part of the book come alive for me. And I have lived there, so I can picture it, although it was much more civilized when I lived there.

It is a powerful story, intertwining history and fiction and faith. The thing I disliked about the book was the protagonist. His character is strong and evil, which is good in a book when the reader doesn’t see it as being real. I tend to live in the book when I’m reading it. Everything seems real to me.

So now (that was my last library book for a while) I am reading a few of my own titles, beginning with Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess. I remember reading her book Sarah Crewe when I was a child. This is an expanded version of that. Burnett also wrote The Secret Garden. I’m enjoying it already!

Not sure where I was going with “Getting Wet”, except that it follows “Jumping In With Both Feet”, so I’ll just say I have stayed the course in reworking this blog, making it more organized and less scattered. Give me another week, please. That’s what I’m giving myself to finish the job.

Did I mention I was moving furniture in my house too? For the same purpose, to be organized and focused and going with the idea that less is more. Downsizing. Going from two bedrooms to one, hopefully. Sorting out. Lest you think I am being idle. And I’m working too, although I enjoyed having Monday afternoon off for President’s Day.


3 thoughts on “Getting Wet

    • thesilverofhisfining says:

      I’d like to hear what you think of ‘The Help’. My daughter told me about it, but I have not read it. Sounds interesting. Similar to one I recently read about slaves during the Civil War, third in a series by Lynn Austin, ‘A Light to My Path’. It focused on the point of view of the slaves, some of whom were the sired by the master.


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