Handel’s Messiah 2011 Sing-along

For years I have wanted to do this, and last night it happened!  I took my mother’s score of Handel’s Messiah, which has been in a trunk for years, and participated in a community sing-a-long.  What a thrill!

No matter how many times I have listened to portions of it on recordings and on tv, there is just something special about being there, holding the music in hand, and bathing in the wonder of God’s Word, His Person, and His Promises to mankind.

Scripture, all God’s words.  Simply takes away your breath.

Here is a video on YouTube.  It’s slow buffering, but I enjoyed it just the same.  The conductor is Gregory Berg, music faculty at Carthage College.  Two chamber groups sang the prelude for us.  The orchestra is the Festival Arts Chamber Orchestra.

The lady next to me was singing it for the first time in fifty years, since high school.  We followed the lady behind us, who knew better than we what she was doing.  I told her so afterward.  She said it has been six or seven years for her.  She is a Presbyterian turned Baptist, and “the Baptists don’t do the Messiah”!  I told her I am a Baptist as well, and this was my first time.

Why don’t the Baptists sing the Messiah??!!  It’s all Scripture….

If you read this far, thanks for listening.  As you can tell I am still thrilled with the experience!  Looking forward to doing it again.  Maybe I’ll practice a bit for the next time 🙂


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