Changing Me, Change the World

The author, Lynnda Ell, sent me a copy of her book, requesting a review. It is with praise and gratitude that I highly recommend this book. Well done, Lynnda!

Changing Me, Change the World: Prayers from the Psalms, Book IChanging Me, Change the World: Prayers from the Psalms, Book I by Lynnda Ell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The author sent me her book and asked that I review it. I read one entry per day, prayers based on the first 41 Psalms.

I’m not sure how to review a book in this format, so I will just say what comes to mind. I have read one other book of prayers based on Scripture, which I did not care for, though it was an writer I liked.

The concept of praying according to Scripture is a fabulous one. I’ve struggled with how to accomplish this on my own. Lynnda, you have done a fabulous job of doing so in your book, Changing Me, Change the World! I started out hoping to love the book. I half expected that there would be some entries which I loved and some which weren’t so great, or that I did not understand, or that strayed from the Scripture. Not so.

The book is consistent throughout, the prayers sound genuinely personal to Lynnda, as they are to the Biblical author(s), yet they do not stray from the original thoughts.

Perhaps the reason I don’t know what to say is that I have no criticism of the book. It is well done. When is Book I coming out, Lynnda?

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