I Love Vermont

I do love Vermont.  I grew up just over the river, in West Lebanon, New Hampshire.  I have family in Vermont.

I have been looking at photos all morning.  I found a few that are familiar to me, which I will post.  And if you will indulge me, I feel I must also write.  My heart is full and burdened.  If it is too much for you to read, at least skip to the last paragraph and allow me to share the photos which came from Photos of Vermont Flooding 2011.  There are many more.

The White River, 29August2011

When the tsunami hit Japan earlier this year, I looked at photos.  When the hurricane hit Haiti in 2010, I looked at photos.  My sil was on the USS Vinson, the first responder to Haiti.  I prayed for the people of Haiti.  I am still praying for the people of both Haiti, and Japan, as they put their lives back together.

But in all my looking at Haiti and Japan, as devastating as it looked, I could not relate.  I have never been to either Haiti or Japan.  While I have heard firsthand accounts, it still is somehow surreal.  Vermont is real.    Not more important.  Just a place to which I can relate.  I grew up just across the river from here.

RR bridge in White River Jct, seen from Bridge Street
What force, to have twisted this RR bridge in White River Jct.!

I don’t know how the media is covering this “event”.  I no longer own a television.  This is where I was looking at photos.  Taken by people on the ground.  People whose lives have been interrupted, whose liveliehoods have been destroyed, some of whom are still waiting to be rescued.

There is no power, there are no phones, no cell phone service is common because of the mountains.  Some towns are destroyed, many are isolated by washed out roads and bridges.  These are not the people who run the country clubs and resorts and build fancy restaurants and ski resorts.  While it is sad to see these places damaged, much more so to know how many lives hang in the balance without food, medicine, electricity, water, sanitation.

Every photo of a barn makes me wonder if the horses and cows are inside the barn, up to their necks in water, or up on the hillside somewhere, sliding in the muck?  If the cattle survive, their feed crop was most likely destroyed.  Have you been to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream?

So beautiful, even in devastation.  This is not the river.  Whatever it is is flooded.


And then there are the non life threatening damages, mainly those scenic historic covered bridges.
This is good news for those in the historic building trades.  It is good to have a backlog of work in an economically low period, even for times such as this.

Taftsville covered bridge, still standing.  This bridge is quite familiar to me.

Who would think that such events as an earthquake and hurricane would strike in the same week, in places not generally exposed to such elements?  And why would God, Who is in control of this universe, allow such devastation, in the face of other such natural disasters which are still in recovery mode?

The answers are simple, they speak to God’s Sovereign control, for He has allowed this to happen.  And of His desire that all men everywhere worship Him, give the honor due to Him, trust Him with their very life, trust in His Son’s precious blood to redeem their souls.  He desires that man see his own fallibility, his own limitations, and develop a hunger and thirst for knowing his Creator Redeemer God.

And that is how I pray, for Haiti, for Japan, for Vermont, for the commonality between people who, in our pride, need to turn to the Living God for help, for sustenance, for salvation, and for strength.  There is a Redeemer Who seeks to love us individually and intimately, if we will.

And then as we pray, we ask what else we may do to help?  Here’s where to look for volunteer opportunities.  Just a few more pics:

Wilder Dam on the Connecticut River, between W.Lebanon, NH and Hartford, VT
TJ Maxx plaza in W.Lebanon, NH.
JC Penney plaza in W.Lebanon, NH.  I’ve seen this flooded, but not this much.  The Connecticut River is behind Penneys.  It’s rather low land, and flat.  The left side of this was built in the late 60s, the first shopping center, when the interstate came through.  There was a grocery store, a Rich’s department store, a Singer sewing store, and an ice cream parlor that even sold the Kitchen Sink!  My kids had their pictures taken in this Penneys in 1985.
Debris left behind after flooding in White River Jct.
White Cottage   Route 4  West Woodstock
This is quite familiar to me too.  I believe the river is behind it, quite a force to come up high enough to dig up the parking lot.  The road would be behind the photographer.

If you made it this far, God bless you!  These pictures are not, I repeat not, representative of the damage.  They are ones of places that are familiar to me.  My purpose is not to sensationalize, but to share my heart for what is dear to me.

“Oh, that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me.”  Deuteronomy 5:29


2 thoughts on “I Love Vermont

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was born at Alice Peck Day memorial hospital many years ago. I remember the movie theater and running through the cloths racks in Rich's. I Had my first "real" job at J.C.Penney's and learned to roller blade in the parking lot with its fresh coat of tar in the early 90's. How sad my heart is today. For twenty five years I lived and grew in the "Upper Valley." I have found that the mass media is taking it as a hiccup rather than reality. These photographs are too my familiar places. God Bless to all my friends and family.


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