Mother Knows All

Remember when…way back when you thought your mother knew everything?  And then you realized she didn’t?  Well, I’m here to tell you that she did and she does, just that sometimes we don’t like what she knows because it messes with what we choose to think.

Maybe it’s not what my mother knows.  Maybe it’s the Grace of God intervening on her behalf.  No matter.    It works.  (My mother has dementia and lives in a nursing home.)

Imagine being someone’s little sister for 89 years and being told she’s gone to heaven, or imagine being someone’s little sister for 91 years and being told she’s passed into eternity.  What must that be like?  I told my mum I’ll never know how she feels losing a sister, because I’m an only child.  Her response was, “Well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re the youngest.  The older ones go first.”

As to the matter of whether or not her 94 year old sister went to heaven…her wise response was this:  “We don’t need to worry about it, because we just don’t know.”  Wow!  God’s Grace is abundantly sufficient for every need.

She then asked how old this sister was, and how old the first sister that died was.  They both lived to be 94.  I’m sure you know what she said next — “Well then I have 3 more years, don’t I?”

Sometimes when I visit my mom I feel like the parent.  Today she was the mother, teaching me how to deal with the realities of life.  Or maybe we are learning together how to look back without regret, to know that we have walked in integrity before our God and Maker Whom we look forward to seeing at the end of our journey.  And how to treasure the gift of family with which He has gifted us for our journey.

My mother introduced me to her God when I was a child.  I spent many years not liking what my mother had to say about many things.  I am so thankful to have spent this latter end of the journey with her, difficult though it has been.  It completes the circle of life and faith.

When I asked her what she might need or what we could do for her, she said that she enjoys most knowing that I am happy.  I am learning yet from my mother.  Mother knows all.

My mother and I, Rockefeller Center, New York City 1971

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