Still Working Through Pain

Yesterday I decided to find out what the doctor thought of my pain. He suggested that I have the Shingles :), which did not make me feel any better physically. I did stop worrying so much, knowing that it will eventually clear up on its own. Not much to be done for it. Always thought you had to be “old” to get Shingles, guess not 🙂

The hardest thing about working through the fog of pain is the inability to think straight, and the messes of words that come from one’s lips at times.

The best thing about pain is the increased dependence upon the Strength of my Saviour for the smallest things.

Today He chose to bless me with an unexpected provision…a concrete blessing which can be touched with the hand. I understand that those things which can be seen pale in comparison to the things which cannot. Just feels so much better when I can touch it. (Not faith.)

And today I am finishing up letters to my mother’s friends and classmates on her behalf. She is in a nursing home. Dementia has taken much of her former self. There is something therapeutic in contacting people from her past. She graduated from high school 73 years ago. Six classmates are known to be living, ten yet to be determined, of a total of 95.

My picture for today is not floral…it is the sight I saw out my livingroom window this morning when the neighbor’s vehicle was towed home. I thought it would make an interesting picture. See what you think. You have to click on the picture to get the full effect of what I saw. Hope your day is a blessing!


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