Legend of the Celtic Stone

Legend of the Celtic Stone (Caledonia #1)Legend of the Celtic Stone by Michael Phillips
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

He’s a very good writer, 50 pages so far 🙂 After finishing the book…the rest of my thoughts:
I don’t remember writing the above — this review is not favorable and rather pointed, in case you want to stop reading here.

What a long book, not because of the number of pages, I’ve read longer, but because of the lack of pace of the story. It was not compelling reading.
The author went back and forth between the present day and ancient history, which was difficult to follow, like reading two or more books. I understand he cut a lot of history but there is too much for my liking, and I like history. The author has a very good handle on the history, and quite a large quantity of it, and does a good job with details. However, since it was a work of fiction, The reader would prefer more storytelling, rather than retelling of history.

Mr. Phillips did a great job creating characters. I would have preferred that he show, not tell, the story through these wonderful characters.

The other major problem this reader has with the book, is the lack of clarity in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not sure what religion the author adheres to, but the message was not clear. There was too much emphasis on the wrong beliefs, too much use of the druids and magical powers, even with Columba, who was bringing the message of Jesus Christ, and way too little on God HImself.

Personally I enjoy reading the author’s nemesis, James Michener, however Mr. Michener is famous for his use of evolution in developing his story. This reader was disappointed in this author’s numerous references to “prehistoric man” and the underlying theory of evolution, which is not Biblical.

The book was squeaky clean, the few undesirable scenes were handled with great taste and there was no language in the book. That’s a big plus!

I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in critiquing it, not looking for an enjoyable pleasure read.

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