Sunday Thoughts

This is a copy of a note written by me on Facebook in September of 2009.  Just reread it and think it bears repeating, as it is a lesson still in the works.  Constant reminders are necessary for me to keep my eyes on the Master and not on the waves.

Sunday Thoughts

God is very much alive and interested in and participating in the lives of those who serve Him from the heart. Over and over He is showing Himself to be faithful. His ways are perfect and He is true and faithful. I have wasted much time in having my focus on the circumstances rather than on the person of God. When I get a proper view of who God is and focus on Him, my perspective becomes that which it ought. When I focus on making things happen myself I rob God of the joy He has in meeting my needs and the glory which is rightfully His. No problem is too small, no care too insignificant. My feelings matter to Him. When I acknowledge my feelings to Him and commit all my cares to Him, He takes care of me; but when I choose to unload on a human being, they usually cannot fix the feelings. When I cry out to Him in utter dependence upon Him, (with no plan b, pastor sam horn says) and wait for Him to answer, He is truly glorified. Not by my ability(I have none) to do or say the correct thing, but by His ability and His love. Ultimately my Father has already done all that is needed in giving His Son Jesus to be my atonement, my scapegoat on the cross of Calvary. Everything else is extra. ” I though so unworthy, still am a child of the king.”


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