Freak Storm

Today the whole day is like a freak storm in my life. The high was so high that the low seemed very low. And then there was a real thunderstorm. It got so dark it looked like a tornado, but it wasn’t. Somewhere else but not here. It rained so hard for so long I thought I was in another state. And then the sun came out, shining brightly, while it was still thundering and pouring rain.

So I gathered my umbrella and camera and went outside in my bare feet, looking for a rainbow. None to be found. I video taped the sun and rain on my camera and went back inside. What I really wanted was to see a rainbow. A rainbow is the promise of God to mankind that there will never be another worldwide flood, as God promised Noah after the flood recorded in Genesis. I love seeing a visual representation of God and His Word. Most of the things in my life require blind faith in a God Whom I cannot see, hear, or touch.

Blind faith has greater rewards than visual representations. I like things I can touch, taste, smell, hear, and see. But the things which cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or smelled have much greater and longer lasting effects. This I am learning slowly. I am learning that love is much more far reaching and longer lasting than a kiss. That being held in the Arms of my Heavenly Father is a much more secure feeling than receiving a human hug. And that my God is bigger than all the storms He allows in my life.


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